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What We Do

BioCapSOL focuses on the extraction of valuable ingredients from the by-products of food manufacturing such as lycopene from tomato peels by using environmentally and biologically friendly solvents and their purification, characterization and formulation for the use as a value-added end product in various industrial applications.

Extraction                                          Encapsulation                                    Formulation
  • Lycopene                                         Micelle based (Emulsion)                             Food coloring
  • Carotenoids                                     Starch based (dry)                                       Cosmetics
  • Anthocyanin                                                                                                          Pharmaceuticals
  • Curcumin
  • Other bio-extracts
BioCapSOL will operate out of two facilities; the research and development is conducted at the Technopark Istanbul facilities in Istanbul Turkey and the manufacturing facility in Bursa, Turkey adjacent to the Merko tomato paste processing plant.BioCapSOL has secured an exclusive agreement with Merko, Turkey’s largest producer-exporter of processed tomato products, to procure a large, regular supply of raw materials for lycopene, i.e. tomato skins, etc.Following, the extraction of 100% pure lycopene from the dried tomato skins, the functionalization will take place at the Teknopark Istanbul laboratory in Istanbul. Based on the needs of the specific customer groups, and shipment orders, the extracts will be produced sustainably and packaged to maintain the best stability and shelf-life.

The market for natural food coloring is estimated at approximately 1.3 Billion USD globally, with red considered the most challenging. In fact, according to a 2013 poll by DDW, amongst industry technologists, 39% considered natural red the biggest challenge facing the industry (meat, dairy and bakery sectors), especially if one is looking to avoid carmine.Given that the product is used in food substances, red food coloring and its production process is regulated by the FDA and other health government bodies; however, lycopene derived from tomatoes as an additive, not being a new component, is already globally-approved and used by a variety of producers worldwide.The primary potential customers for lycopene are meat premix manufacturers, dairy product manufacturers (yogurt, ice cream, etc.), oil and margarine manufacturers, confectionery manufacturers, color cosmetics manufacturers.

Natural Extracts

BioCapSOL utilizes natural extracts with a unique combination of capsulation to address the needs of controlled release for active ingredients as scent, insect repellants as well as any functionalization that requires a time dependent activation. The functional additives for textiles used for sports outfits, hotels, military and schools can benefit from BioCapSOL’s natural extracts containing functional capsules.

Products Overview
Our Solutions

BioCapSOL project focuses on extraction of biological content from plants and vegetables using benign chemistries, their encapsulation suitable to the end application.

The application areas can vary within the extensive fields as the synthesis and characterization of the natural extracts and their functionalization extending within the applications of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals towards many standard industrial applications.

Problems Addressed

BioCapSol Products Overview

Biological Extracts

BioCapSOL’s technology is capable of extracting the active ingredients from plants by using bio-based formulations. The patented process can be implemented to any plant to extract the active ingredients that are found at ppm levels. Some examples are lycopene and carotenoids from yellow to red coloring range, curcumin from turmeric which has the deep yellow to orange range and anthocyanins (black carrots) within the pink to purple coloring range.

Food Coloring

Through the patented technological processes BioCapSOL extracts lycopene from tomato paste plant by-products and encapsulates it to be used as yellow to red food coloring while meeting the standards of taste and shelf life demanded by the food/cosmetics/pharmaceuticals manufacturers. Specifically, lycopene produced by using BioCapSOL’s patented process provides an endurance of lycopene in confectionery and dairy products as a food colorant without degradation.

Overall, by changing the fundamental cost structure of lycopene production, using waste by-products rather than cultivating their own tomatoes, BioCapSOL’s lycopene can be priced competitively with high margins, thereby uniquely positioned to engage in the yellow to red food coloring market.

Lycopene Bio-Extract

Red pigment belongs to the carotenoid family

Provide Detox Effect.

 Lower Cancer Risk.

Lower Heart Disease Risk.

Lowers Skin Ageing.

Reduces the risk of asthma.

Reduces the risk of lung disorders.

 Reduces boldness.

BioCapSOL’s lycopene
Use of by-product from tomato paste for sustainable production.
 Use organic methods for pure extraction of lycopene.
Provides technologies to protect extracted lycopene from degradation by UV light.

Funded Research Projects

Funded Research Projects

TUBITAK 2023 Project Granted for “Feasibility Analyses of Extraction of Lycopene from Tomato Peel through Organic Synthesis.” To support Coordination for SME Instruments Industrial Leadership H2020-SMEINST-2016-2017, SME Inst-07-2016-2017.

10/2016 ‐ Present
“Biological Extracts, Capsules and Particle Solutions” BioCapSOL project funded by ACT Ventures and Transol Arisan.

01/2015 ‐ 02/2015
“Orange Peel Extract production feasibility analyses” Contracted Project with Transol Arisan, Ozyegin University Istanbul, Turkey (* Feasibility evaluation of the orange peel extraction).



BioCapSOL has established a network of commercial and business relationships, regulated by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), with the following partners:

Lambiotte and Cie





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